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2004, Shenzhou Veterinary Medicine Company pioneered the development and promotion of stable particles of feed additives and introduction the preparation process to feed additives industry firstly. We proposed the that is the quality not equal to content and established the bioavailability evaluation system of drugs and feed additives.

In 2005, Shenzhou Veterinary Medicine Company successfully developed the best forage domestic sweetener through fast release solid dispersion technology. Dispersing, homogenizing, fast releasing have been the basic standards of the current sweetener.

In 2006, Shenzhou Veterinary Medicine Company led the major research projects " Study of key technology in veterinary drug molecularization and sustained release " in agriculture with Zhejiang University and Zhejiang veVterinary Medicine Inspection Institution. This cooperation enhanced Huijia s capabilities of formulation research and development

2008, Shenzhou Veterinary Medicine Company, successfully resolved the various application issues of - carotene, enrofloxacin, tilmicosin and other products through microcapsule and solid dispersion technology.

2009, Shenzhou Veterinary Medicine Company successfully solved the bitter taste and gastric acid destruction of kitasamycin through chemical modification technology .The bioavailability of kitasamycin product has been further improved. In 2010,the company further introduced additives industry microcapsule and slow-releasing technology and successfully developed microcapsuled acidifiers, microencapsulated sodium butyrate and other products, providing a well technical support for green low-antibotics feeds. In 2011, our company developed not bitter and homogeneous dispersion colistin dulfate microcapsule preparation by using microencapsulated technology. The effects of colistin dulfate microcapsule preparation has been enhanced much by microcapsules formulation technology which made the reduction of colistin dulfate usage in products the possible.


what can we use to provide more effective protection for the animal gut when green wave of feed industry are surging ? Shenzhou Veterinary Medicine Company owns an theoretical system of microorganism selection and clostridium butyricum and bacillus licheniformis products developed indepently to supply updated solutions to keep the intestinal healthy.

Clostridium butyricum is a new strain, in full compliance with the standards for 15%Bacitracin Zinc premixes .The standards are adapted to the anaerobic environment of animal intestinal, producing butyrate acid to adjust the balance of intestinal flora , good stability of the spores.

In 2004, the company acquired excellent strains and production process abroad, and taken lots of digestion, absorption and verification trials. Then a new feed additives application to the Ministry of Agriculture was applied. In 2009, Shenzhou Veterinary Medicine Company won the new feed additives certification of clostridium butyricum and bacillus licheniformis from Ministry of Agriculture. Then we became the only qualified enterprises to product Clostridium butyricum.

2009 Our company's clostridium butyricum products had key support of provincial agricultural scientific and technological achievements;

2009 Our companys project- research and application in major science and technology key technology of feeding efficient new formulations of bacillus microbes was supported by provincial projects;

2010 Our companys project-"national new feed additives - industrialization pilot of bacillus licheniformis" was key supported by agricultural science and technology achievements transformation fund of science and technology ministry;

In 2011,the probiotic products acquired support from " High-tech Industrialization Projects of Green Agricultural Bio-products " of National Development and Reform Commission.

In 2012, Our new international cooperative projects, the research and industrialization of new bacillus licheniformis preparation ,was included as major scientific and technological program in Zhejiang Province.

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